AVIVA Meeting Center

Location: Milan
Area: 1.500 mq
End of works: 2016
Services:Space Planning; Interior Design; Construction Supervision

L22:  Design plant



DEGW for Aviva Meeting Center incorporates the same values expressed during the 2013 project, designing spaces which communicate a solid, modern and brand oriented image.


Many are the services and the kind of areas designed for both the people and guests of Aviva: Reception, Waiting Area, Informal Meeting, Auditorium, Area Workshop, Training Area, Break area, offices and meeting rooms of various sizes. All the spaces are designed to facilitate working, collaboration, spontaneous meetings and sharing of knowledge.


One of the peculiarities of Aviva Meeting Center is the flexibility of spaces. The Auditorium, for example, is a reconfigurable space in two separete meeting rooms, thanks to two accesses and folding partitions.


In the materials and finishes choices, DEGW reflects at one hunderd percent the characteristics of the entire building, and it highlights the Aviva brand identity through the design choices, the Phisical Branding, the technologies and the colour choices.